Friday, August 13, 2010

New trollbeads on Monday at TrollbeadsGallery.Com

The whole Trollbeads community is buzzing over the new Troll release coming out this coming Monday!  The beads are phenomenal!  On Monday we will have all of the new Trollbeads listed.
Shown here is the re released Old Earth bead, designed by Nicholas Aagaard. The Old earth bead is joined by  two sets of glass, each with 6 exciting and VERY useful colors and textures. Troll bracelets everywhere are going to be very excited to host these new Trollbeads!  There is a very sculptural set of Zodiac beads which I know will be a huge hit! The Ram's Head, just to mention one is stunning!
There are 3 new Precious Stone beads.  One is faceted, a Golden Quartz and there are two smooth stones Chalcedony and Tigers Eye.
Along with all of this there is also 3 new designs from a brand new designer for Trollbeads, Kim Buck.  He is a Danish designer who works for the famed silver company, George Jensen . His work is exciting and very original. Visit his website and see his extraordinary work. 
If you love Trollbeads and haven't done do join our Trollbeads Gallery Forum ...we have just listed all the information about Trollbeads Fest 2010.  Join to Register.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Counterfeit Trollbeads Seller on Ebay "Wiki Piki"

Ebay Warning:Seller Wiki Piki is selling fake Trollbeads as Authentic.

This is an FYI for every collector. As a top retailer in the U.S. I follow auction sites to give warnings when I can.There is a dealer on Ebay selling counterfeit Trollbeads and listing them as Authentic Trollbeads OOAK. I bought a couple to get to... the bottom of it & they are fake. I reported it to Ebay and I got my money back from the dealer which means a few things. He has admitted guilt by giving the refund and Ebay has allowed him to continue selling. Every collector should contact Ebay and tell them, by sheer volume, this is criminal behavior. No store could legally do it so how can Ebay? Counterfeit product dilutes the brand and is VERY detrimental to all of our collections and to the brand.
Buy from Authorized Trollbeads dealers only or if you know a re-seller to be reputable but do your research.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trollbeads Gallery Facebook Page's Drawing is Tomorrow Have You Joined?

Our Trollbeads Gallery Facebook Page is having a drawing every Friday through the summer and to enter the drawing all you need to do is to click on the Thumb's Up "LIKE US" tab and you are all set!
Follow the link below the photograph and join us!

1 Trollbeads Collector's Clutch
1 Trollbeads Polishing Cloth
1 Pair of Sterling Earrings from Whimsy that hold Trollbeads!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Have you checked out Trollbeads Gallery's Retired site?

Trollbeads Gallery's sister site, Retired Trollbeads Gallery is very active and the inventory is always changing. We have the only Authorized Retired Trollbeads website so we are always trying to locate retired Trollbeads for our customers.  If there is a retired Trollbead you are looking for, just let us know!
Pictured here is the retired Trollbeads Chess Lock, one of the most difficult retired items to find.  We just got one in but like many items we get in, it may take a while to list them so feel free to contact us and we will keep you updated. If you're looking for one, just let us know!

Email us at

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Unique Trollbeads Release Sunday July 11th 2010 8PM EST

New From Trolbeads Gallery!  New Unique Glass Trollbeads, Amber and Trollstones are going to be be introduced this Sunday July 11,th at 8 PM.
Our Amber sets are some of the most beautiful we have ever had.  So tune in and see the full offering at Trollbeads Gallery at 8PM Eastern time.  New Unique Trollbeads.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Release of Unique Trollbeads Tonight on Trollbeads Gallery

Trollbeads Gallery is releasing a large group of Unique beads tonight!
We have the retired Unique Trollstones.
Retired Pink Amber Set (Very Rare)
Unique Individual Amber beads
An Entire set of 12 Unique Amber Beads
New Mini Beads (under 10mm in glass and amber)

So set your interior Troll alarm for 8:00PM est and see what's new!
(Monday June 14,2010 8:00PM EST)
Visit us!
Our Retired Trollbeads Collection has Grown! Follow the link below!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our "Graduation" Trollbead Makes A Great Gift for the Mother of the Grad!

Perfect  For Mom!

When it come to finding the perfect gift for the woman who helped you with your homework, who raced you to school when you missed the bus, was the chaperone at the prom, accompanied you on field trips and who was always there, buy her a Trollbeads chain and a "Graduation" bead.  Start her on a Trollbeads collection, one you can add to with every milestone.
Trollbeads to honor your mother for all she has done!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Trollbeads Success for Habitat for Humanity & The Last of our Haiti Beads!

From TrollbeadsUS Facebook Page: In late February 2010, Trollbeads released the Haiti Empowerment Bead Collection, Beads of Hope, in support of Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to provide housing for 50,000 low-income Haitian families over the next five years.

A partnership between Lund Trading and Trollbeads Denmark, with tremenous help from our and consumers, was able to donate $14.00 from the purchase of each Haiti Empowerment bead to Habitat for Humanity, for a total donation of $268,000.

It was our hope that the beads’ message of love and support would strengthen all those affected by this disaster. Therefore, we would like to thank all those who contributed to this great cause.

 I wish I could tell you how many Haiti beads we sold and when I think of the beauties I saw come and go, I wish I had kept more for my own collection, but it always feels so good finding just the right Armadillo for a customer or finding the right shade of green stripe for someone's favorite bracelet.  
Enjoy looking at what's left and if you love any of them just email me at  They are all $35.00!  They are not on our Trollbeads Gallery website.  Maybe you are local!  They are at Rogers Gallery in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. 508-758-3641